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Welcome to the Humanities Faculty curriculum area, which includes the subjects Geography and History .

Curriculum Intent

In Humanities we place great emphasis on skills development. Humanities subjects are a focal point within the Academy curriculum for the development of enquiry, in particular analytical and evaluative skills.  

History and Geography are inextricably linked.  Geography puts current events in perspective but also helps us understand History. Through the delivery of our knowledge rich curriculum we aim to develop individuals who are critical thinkers, open minded, compassionate and ready to be 21st Century global citizens, able to confront the challenges of tomorrow.  Love of learning is paramount to our philosophy.  


  • Knowledge provides a driving and underpinning philosophy. 
  • Knowledge is specific in detail, allowing deep learning of core content.
  • Knowledge is taught to be remembered and not encountered.
  • Knowledge is sequenced and mapped thus securing understanding and developing experience.

Curriculum Implentation

Geography is taught through countries to contextualise the content and make it specific to a region.  Links that may at first seem unrelated, are made clear through the highlighting of links between the themes to transfer concepts across disciplines.

History is taught chronologically from Middle Ages to Present Day.  Teaching chronologically encourages interest, provides clarity and helps develop critical thinking.

The curriculum has been mapped deliberately to ensure that students become experts in our subjects, able to build on knowledge and skills from Key Stage 3 through to Key Stage 5.  A focus on the language and being able to speak like an expert will be taught throughout. 


Across all 3 Key Stages there are set assessments used across both subjects in all schools in the MAT.  There will be end of topic tests at the end of each module.  Throughout the lessons, planned retrieval exercises are built in to ensure the retention of knowledge.  Frequent mini low-stakes testing will also be a crucial part of lessons.

Please Click on Attachments to find Topics of Study for each Key Stage. 



12-15th November Y9 students went to the National Memorial Arboretum

11th November the Humanities department launched "de Ferrers remembers" around the school for remembrance.

Subject Documents Date  
KS3 Geography History 24th Aug 2021 Download
KS4 Geography History 24th Aug 2021 Download
Sixth Form Geography History 24th Aug 2021 Download