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Welcome to the Mathematics Faculty curriculum area.

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum aims to have the highest expectations of every student and to represent our belief that every student can learn every concept. In doing so, we aim to ensure that every student develops an understanding of the multiple links that occur between concepts, leading to a recognition of the beauty and power of Mathematics and an understanding of a set of tools that can be used beyond school. 

We aim to make all students successful in each topic they study. By doing so, we aim to develop a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about mathematics, enabling our students to continue being successful as they progress to studying more complex content. We endeavour to provide a high-quality mathematics education which provides the foundation for understanding many disciplines, the ability to reason mathematically and ensures that all students are financially literate.

Curriculum Implementation

The Mathematics Curriculum:

  • Is sequenced to ensure topics and concepts are revisited and built upon throughout KS3 and KS4, to embed conceptual understanding and develop problem-solving skills.

  • Provides accessible starts points for each learning sequence, with prior knowledge checks and end of unit assessments for each topic. Each unit carefully identifies the prerequisite and dependant knowledge required so that students have the building blocks they need for later success.

  • Ensures skills and knowledge are broken down into small steps to support every student learning every step of every concept, including those with special educational needs.

  • Contains consistent and accurate use of mathematical language and explanations which match those contained in student knowledge organisers, to give students the vocabulary they need to reason mathematically.

  • Is ambitious for all students, following the structure of the National Curriculum. Students are given every chance to be successful on the Higher tier GCSE Maths course.

  • The Mathematics curriculum (Y7-13) follows the structure of the Pearson Key Stage 3/4/5 textbooks and Scheme of Work. There is a Core Curriculum throughout Y7 & Y8, creating a connected pathway in which all students can be successful following on from Pearson’s KS2 ‘Power Maths’ which is widely used with the majority of our feeder schools.

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