You can find information below about SEN provision and the Academy SEN policy.

Our main aim is to build an inclusive, supportive school community which fosters high achievement for all pupils across the curriculum. The curriculum is viewed as being everything that goes on within the school, and includes the mental, emotional and physical health of staff and pupils. The school is committed to developing learning and participation for all who work here.  

Information on a wide range of activities and services aimed at children with SEND and their families is available on the Staffordshire Connects website.

The site includes information on services commissioned by Staffordshire County Council as well as wider services available, therefore offering a greater amount of choice to families.  

The site is regularly updated by providers and is already proving very popular with families.

The SEND Local Offer is the place to go for information, support and services for children and young people 0-25 years with SEND. Information can be searched by age and district. Leaflets about this great resource can be found on our promotional materials page.

Staffordshire Accessibility Strategy 2022-2026:

The Accessibility Strategy sets out the approach Staffordshire County Council (SCC) are taking, working with schools, to increase access to education for children and young people with disabilities, so they can benefit from educational provision to the same extent as all children can.

The Accessibility Strategy has now been finalised. It is for all Staffordshire schools for which SCC has responsibility. The Strategy complies with the requirement in the Equality Act 2010 (Schedule 10) that all local authorities must, in relation to schools for which it is the responsible body, prepare and publish an Accessibility Strategy.

All schools and academies must develop and publish an Accessibility Plan on their website which must comply with the statutory duties as detailed in Schedule 10 of the Equality Act 2010.

The key priorities of the Accessibility Strategy are to:

  1. Increase access to the curriculum for children and young people with disabilities.
  2. Improve the physical environment to increase access for children and young people with disabilities.
  3. Make information more accessible to children and young people with disabilities.

Please find below a link to the Local Offer from the Derbyshire County Council and the Staffordshire County Council:!/directory

SEND Code of Practice:

Should you wish to contact the academy's SEN office please email:

Local Offer from the Derbyshire County Council Local Offer from the Staffordshire County Council

SEND Code of Practice

Meet the Team

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Sharon Dunsdon - Hub Co-ordinator (Trent Hub)

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Please follow the link below to view the Trust-wide SEND policy

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