The Academy sends out 3 academic summaries per year, one every term.  The report summarises a student’s achievement, attendance and attitude to learning.

For Key Stage 3 the report will also show a standardised score for achievement in each subject and how that has changed from the start of Year 7. 

For Key Stages 4 and 5, an end of course prediction is provided.

All year groups will have a parents' evening over the course of the year.


Update 5/7/23

Please see Year 9 Subject Help Guide APS below

Update: 13/1/23

Please see below for an updated guide to assessment and a Year 9 Subject progress help guide.


Page Downloads Date  
DFA Parent guide KS4 07th Sep 2021 Download
KS3 Guide to Assessments 12th Jan 2023 Download
Year 9 Assessment Guide 20th Jan 2023 Download
Y9 DFA Subject Help Guide AP2 05th Jul 2023 Download