iPad FAQ

iPad - Frequently Asked Questions:

Which model iPad do you use?

  • Students iwill be issued with a new 64GB Education iPad, supplied straight from Apple.

What do students receive?

  • All students will receive a 64GB Education iPad, a case and a managed Apple ID with 200GB of iCloud storage, along with some apps and digital textbooks


  • The cost of the iPad is £55 - £68 a year for students  with the option for older students to buy it out for residual value at the end of  Year 11. For students on Free School Meals, we can use Pupil Premium money to pay this annual cost for them (although they would still need to pay the residual value to keep it at the end of Year 11)

Repairs and Replacements

  • We will replace the iPad if is not working or defective. Students that accidentally damage it will have it repaired (or possibly replaced) the first time, however we will charge students if they vandalise it or repeatedly break it/smash the glass screen.

Technical support

  • Students can report any technical issues or damage to techhelp@deferrers.com and one of the ICT Technicians will get back to them and investigate the issue.

Managed Apple IDs

  • We will create a managed Apple ID for all students and they will stay 'locked into' this, so that we can manage what apps they can access and install on their devices. It provides them with 200GB of free iCloud storage. We will throw out some free apps and digital textbooks directly to their devices.
  • We use a system called Lightspeed to remotely enrol and manage all student iPads

Online safety

  • All students iPads are monitored on site and we have active internet filtering on campus and at home/offsite at all times.
  • Students are unable to use VPNs, hotspots or their own Apple IDs
  • No card information or personal information will be needed for their Apple ID
  • We keep a list of all GDPR-compliance for apps and 3rd party companies


  • Most students are very responsible and treat technology safely and sensibly. We will follow the normal behaviour policy and expect students to follow the Acceptable Use Policy in lessons and at home, or face suitable consequences (including restricting features like internet access or use of the camera)
  • We may allow some students to move to an 'enhanced' profile if they have show a good level of responsible behaviour and effort each year.
  • In extreme circumstances, we will remotely lock a students iPad and contact parents in regard to any investigation

Teaching & Learning

  • Students will use the iPad for things like retrieval practices/review quizzes, submitting work and receiving feedback via Showbie, accessing e-mail and resources via Google Suite tools, creating videos, animations, booklets, slideshows and a lot of subject-specific uses too.


  • The iPad has a lot of built in accessibility features to support visual/hearing impairment, dyslexia, limited movements and more. The Inclusive Learning team have had additional training to support students with settings and approaches.