School Census

UPDATE 23rd March 2020

Key Worker Information

In order to comply with the Government’s guidance with regard to shutting schools and providing places for key worker children, it is necessary for us to collect and manage data about these children and their parents/carers in a different way.

Our standard GDPR policy applies, and information found on our privacy notices relating to staff, parents and of course pupils will apply in all cases.

We will use the information that relates to key workers in order to ensure that those children who are entitled to a place at school whilst schools are officially closed are correctly processed, managed and safeguarded.

The Data Controller continues to take its obligations to data processing seriously and will ensure that appropriate safeguards and measures are in place.

Across English data is collected from schools/academies every term for each pupil on roll including name, address, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, whether they have special education needs, whether they are looked after by the local authority (or ever have been), and whether they are eligible for free school meals.  Data has been collected in this manner, known as the school census, since 2006 to enable a clear picture to be established of how the school system is working; ensuring that allocated funds are where they need to be and that no groups of children are missing out on the education that they deserve.

The de Ferrers Academy sends out data collection forms once every year to ensure that the information that we hold on file is a true and accurate reflection of current circumstances.  If your details change at any time throughout the year however, please ensure that you contact the academy in order that we can update our records.

From autumn 2016 a student’s nationality and country of birth was also added to the data collection form.  This information is also recorded in the school census and is solely for Department for Education analysts to use for research.  This data has not and will not be shared outside of that department.  This data is to be provided by the parents, but is entirely optional.  Parents may withhold information on nationality, country of birth and English proficiency if they choose.  Similarly, if any parents decide that they wish to retract any nationality or country of birth information returned in a previous census, they should inform the academy of this in order that their records can be updated. This will then be transferred to the department within the next school census collection after the update has been made and the department will remove from their systems any information previously collected via the school census on country of birth and nationality.

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