What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with professional training to help you start your path to your chosen career, presenting an opportunity to earn while you learn. Several students from The de Ferrers Academy have chosen this route, with the support of their teachers and the Academy's careers service.

Benefits of apprenticeships

Students who decide to start an apprenticeship after studying at Sixth Form will benefit from continued learning while earning a wage. Apprentices will gain recognised qualifications funded by their employer and learn essential skills needed for their future career.

Starting an apprenticeship is a great opportunity to build on the education you have already received at school or to start a new route to your chosen career path.

Levels of apprenticeships

There are four levels of apprenticeships available.

  • Intermediate Apprenticeships - equivalent to five good GCSE passes
  • Advanced Apprenticeships - equivalent to two A Level passes
  • Higher Apprenticeships - work towards NVQ Level 4 or foundation degree
  • Degree Apprenticeships - equivalent to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

Students who come away from the Academy with A Level passes will be eligible to apply for Higher and Degree Apprenticeships.

Past students

Taking an apprenticeship is a common path for many of our students. Previous students have go on to apprenticeships such as teaching, accountancy and web development and have worked at companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Aggregate Industries, Cooper Parry and Hanson Auction House.

"The Sixth Form staff was extremely helpful during the application process for my apprenticeship; I was able to write my presentation with guidance from my teachers and able to present this to the Sixth Form staff. I also received valuable feedback on the best way to come across to the interviewers which has assisted me in attaining my apprenticeship with Deloitte"

Owen Harrison, Ex-Year 13 Student


Some students find that they are ready for the world of employment when they finish Sixth Form. Many companies offer roles for school leavers, with many positions being designed to train and help you climb the career ladder.

The benefits of employment are clear; you can start earning a wage straight away and begin gaining work experience to help you progress in your career. Our careers service can will support you in your search for employment and can assist with the creation of CVs and preparing for job interviews.

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