We aim to make the transition into the Sixth Form as smooth as possible. We know you are likely to have many questions about our expectations and routines - hopefully we have covered most things in our guide (see below). 

The biggest difference for Sixth Form students is the amount of independent study they are required to do.  Students may have up to seven hours of non-contact time during the academy week. We have created a guide to help students get the most out of this time (see below). 

The VESPA model underpins most things we do in the Sixth Form - we wholeheartedly believe it acts as the best guide to action, and therefore success, for our students. Take a look at how we have used the model as the foundations for our ‘Attitude to Learning’ (ATL) criteria.

A guide to life in the Sixth Form 2023 

VESPA ATL Criteria

A Guide to Independent Study 

Learning Journal