Ditch the Blade - highlighting dangers &  consequences of knife crime

16th May 2022

Through education and awareness raising, we’re working to highlight the dangers and consequences of knife crime, both to parents and carers, and to the young people themselves, through the Ditch the Blade multi-agency campaign.

We’re holding a week of increased promotion from Monday 16 to Sunday 22 May 2022, so you may see increased coverage about knife crime during this period. To support this work, we would appreciate your help to distribute a letter to parents/guardians to encourage them to discuss the topic with their children.

You can fiund a letetr to parents/carers here: Ditch-the-Blade-schools-letter-for-parents-May-2022-final-with-signatures.pdf

We also have free teacher resources on our website, so any support you’re able to give to cover this topic during the school day would be a great help in raising awareness.

If teachers, or parents, have any concerns about knife crime they may also wish the take part in the anonymous online chat on Wednesday 18 May from 7-8pm. Questions can be submitted in advance or on the night.