Ofsted Report October 2023

28th Nov 2023

Ofsted report October 2023

"The de Ferrers Academy is a vibrant and lively place to learn. Staff share a common purpose and goal and all want the best for pupils in their care. This purpose is based on the school’s recent renewed drive to reset and raise expectations. All staff have bought into this new vision. This starts with a relentless focus on getting the ‘little things’ right at the beginning of each school day."

Ofsted report 2023:

As you may be aware, in October our school was visited by Ofsted. This was a full and robust two-day inspection to assess every element of life at our school. 

At the end of this process, we are delighted to tell you that the inspectors were incredibly complimentary and The de Ferrers Academy was judged to be a ‘Good’ school across all judgement areas. You can find the report below and also via the links.

What is more important than any grading, however, are the many positive comments about our students, our staff and our community about out “vibrant and lively” school. 

The inspectors, for example, noted that “students concentrate in lessons and try to do their best” and “they want to learn and do well.” The report praised staff for working tirelessly to create a “renewed drive to reset and raise expectations”, noting that “the school has put improving pupils’ behaviour at the heart of their actions”. They said that “Staff share a common purpose and goal and all want the best for pupils in their care”.

Our school’s Sixth Form was also identified as a “strength of the school”, where, despite being located on a different campus, “students are full and active members of the school and local community” and are well supported by staff who help to “ready them for their next step”.

In fact, at every level, inspectors recognised the energy, drive and dedication that our students and staff bring to school every day, and the impact that these collective efforts are having.

As you will see, other positive comments include:

  • (There is) a relentless focus on getting the ‘little things’ right at the beginning of each school day.
  • The school has clear systems in place to address poor behaviour when it does occur. As routines and expectations have become established, the number of pupils receiving sanctions has fallen.
  • Leaders, governors and directors lead with vigour and determination. 
  • Staff are proud members of the school community. They work hard, feel valued and willingly engage with new ideas to make the school a better place for pupils.
  • Teachers working together in this way has had a positive impact on pupils’ learning.
  • The school is ambitious for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Pupils with SEND are included in all aspects of school life. Their individual 
  • The school has prioritised reading. Staff read to pupils regularly and pupils enjoy this. The school has also put a structured programme in place to encourage all pupils to read.
  • The school has put the tutor programme at its heart. Pupils spend time each day with their tutor who gets to know them well. The school encourages tutors to contact parents to provide support, celebrate pupils’ success and address any emerging issues. 
  • The personal development programme is enhanced by a range of clubs, leadership opportunities and visitors that speak to pupils about a range of topics.

Read the report here: