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Remote learning


Please find below links to the Oak National Academy website, to access learning if self-isolating at home.


Students should choose the topic they have most recently completed or partially completed in class. A rough guide to when each topic is taught is below but please be aware that due to shared classes, these may differ slightly.

Each link will take you to the Oak National Academy website, where videos and mini assessments are available to complete for each lesson linked.

Work can be completed in Maths homework books if students do not have their Maths class books. Please ensure Hegarty homework is completed as appropriate.

Completed work can also be uploaded to the Showbie classes as per codes given when remote learning.

Any questions, please get in touch via Showbie or with your Maths teacher.

Year Topic and link to Oak National Academy

Half term 1 practice: Averages (Lessons 7 to 9 only)

WC 2/9 November: Negative Numbers 

WC 16 November: Order of Operations

WC 23/30 November: Algebraic Expressions (Lessons 1 to 3 only)

WC 30 November: Algebraic Substitution

WC 7/14 December: Decimals & Fractions (Lessons 1 to 4 only)


8 Core (Sets 1-3)

Half term 1 practice: Factorising expressions (Lessons 3 and 4 only)

WC 2/9/16 November: Solving linear equations (Lessons 1 to 6 only)

WC 23/30 November: Probability (Lessons 1 to 5 only)

WC 7/14 December: Linear graphs (Lessons 1 and 2 only)

8 Support (Sets 4/5)

WC 2/9 November: Shape properties (Lessons 1 to 3 only)

WC 16/23/30 November: Fractions (Entire unit)

WC 7/14 December: Algebraic Expressions (Lessons 1 to 3 only)


9 Higher (Sets 1/2)

WC 2 November: Bivariate data

WC 9/16 November: Frequency tables (Lessons 9 to 11 only)

WC 23/30 November: Direct Proportion (Lessons 1 to 4 only)

WC 7/14 December: Percentage multipliers (Lessons 6 to 8 only)

Recurring decimals

9 Foundation (Sets 3-5)

WC 9/16 November: Algebraic Expressions and factorising (Lessons 1 to 4 only)

WC 23/30 November: Fractions (Lessons 5 - 10 only) and percentages (Lessons 4 to 8 only)

WC 7/14 December: FDP

See also work set by individual teachers via Showbie classes


10 Higher

WC 9/16 November: Surds - simplifying - add and subtract - multiplying and brackets -  rationalising

WC 23/30 November: Indices - index laws recap -  fractional and negative

WC 7/14 December: Quadratic expressions (a=1) - quadratic expressions (a>1)

10 Foundation

WC 9/16 November: Standard Form - ordinary and standard form  - 4 operations

WC 23/30 November: Percentage multipliers

WC 7/14 December: Percentage increase/decrease

See also work set by individual teachers via Showbie classes

11  Work will be set by individual teachers via Showbie



See below for further information on HegartyMaths expectations and topics categorised by grade.